Vision, Mission & Core Values

We view delivering healthcare as a partnership between our valued patients, their families and our dedicated healthcare professionals and support staff. We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Care tailored to your individual needs, in an environment that is supportive, respectful and compassionate. Corebasics Physical Therapy and Wellness© is well-recognized as a healthcare innovator in the United States of America and renowned for its compassionate approach to treatment, a commitment that we staunchly honor every day with each new patient who walks through our doors.

Harboring the same methodology, Corebasics Physical Therapy and Wellness© open its first overseas branch in the lavish and beautiful city of Dubai under the name "Corebasics Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center". This is a time of celebration and a time to thank all those who have worked so hard to make this a reality. The ability to access quality healthcare in our area is essential to sustaining and building a strong future for our local community. The opening of the Corebasics Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the iconic Sustainable City – Dubai will help ensure that we continue to provide the same quality of physical therapy, rehabilitation and wellness services right here.

Our Vision

To be a recognized-leader for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation excellence and innovation in the delivery of care and patient safety, constantly improving quality and the patient care experience.

Our Mission

To provide state-of-the-art Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative services in a luxurious environment to UAE residents with American standard of care and through exemplary clinical care.

Our Core Values

As we pursue the fulfillment of our vision, we remain committed to:

Integrity: We strictly adhere to the utmost standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Accountability: We accept and uphold our full responsibility to our valued patients, staff, and the community we are pledged to serve.

Excellence: We will relentlessly focus on identifying and serving the needs of our patients to, not only meet but, surpass their expectations.


We are exceptionally passionate about what we do and our entire focus is you and your ability to regain your strength and return to utmost function. Our range of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services is comprehensive and it harbors, in addition to traditional Physical Therapy, an elite panel of services of excellence; men`s health, women`s health, and cancer rehabilitation, among others. Through our diversified team of professionals, we offer hands-on care and personalized rehabilitation programs to provide superior quality healthcare for our valued patients.

Whether a sports injury, age-related joint problem, spine or neurological ailment, balance disorder, stroke or limb lymphedema, our team will help you regain movement and get rid of pain through advanced, scientifically-proven, and individualized therapeutic plans that addresses your overall comfort, robustness and well-being.

Because we have the expertise and we do sincerely care, you can be confident that you have made the right choice for your rehabilitation.


Dr. Khaled Nasr is internationally recognized and licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy having Physical Therapy Board Certifications from USA, Australia, New Zealand and Egypt. Dr. Nasr is the organizer to Corebasics Physical Therapy and Wellness International (NY, NJ, Cairo, and Dublin), with Headquarter situated in Times Square at the heart of Manhattan, NY.


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