Corporate Wellness

If you are an employer / business owner who is after boosting office morale, increasing your return on investment, as well as cutting costs in the process, our corporate wellness program can help you accomplish all of these goals and more.

Truly said, employees are the pillars for any organization; they are the building blocks for your business and crucial for the organization`s success. Corebasics` personalized and permanent corporate wellness solutions are precisely designed to minimize and altogether abolish workplace injuries (with a concomitant reduction in over-head medical costs), establish healthy behaviors, improve company environment and ultimately, boost employees` productivity.

Our expertise and programs go beyond simply teaching employees how to achieve a work/life balance. Actually, we harbor a one-on-one approach to create tailored wellness solutions that guarantee your employees are always in optimal health and in the best possible shape to work efficiently, and this eventually boosts organization`s productivity.

What we offer

  • Facilitation and maintenance of onsite fitness/wellness units
  • Establishing and/or improving worksite injury and illness prevention programs
  • Ergonomics education and work station evaluations
  • Onsite group exercise programs as well as one-on-one sessions
  • Onsite injury management programs (e.g. musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation)
  • Executing neck & back care workshops and employee wellness

Why choose us?

Corebasics offers a continuum of corporate services dedicated to employees` health and wellness, work injury prevention and management. Our knowledge and expertise can help your company develop, apply and maintain a highly efficient and rewarding employee health and wellness program.

All our wellness programs are under the supervision of certified corporate wellness specialists with 20+ years of experience in helping American-based and international businesses foster a healthier and happier workplace for all involved.

By blending wellness education, health management, worksite injury prevention, wellness, with onsite physical therapy and rehabilitation, Corebasics` Corporate Wellness program meets the comprehensive wellness needs of companies.

Invest in your employees` health and boost your organization`s wellness culture. Contact us now to learn more about commencing on-site wellness initiative for your valuable assets; your employees.



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